These 10 big benefits come from eating on the ground

Health benefits of eating in sukhasan (Hindi): These 10 big benefits are due to eating on the ground and eating whatever traditions our elderly have made. There are some religious or scientific reasons behind them. Some of these traditions are also those that have direct connection with human health. There is such a tradition, sitting on the ground is to eat food. In the Indian homes, food is served in a traditional way. They sit on the ground and eat food. At the present time, most people do not sit on the ground while eating, while others are those who prefer to sit in front of a TV or sit in bed. Regardless, it is very comfortable for you, but it is not good for health. Our forefathers have certainly decided a lot to sit on the ground in Sudhasan and decide the practice of eating. The habit of eating on the ground is very useful for health, let’s get 10 reasons for its usefulness …

Health benefits of eating in sukhasan

1.Digestive system improves

Usually when you sit on the ground then sit in Sukhhasan, which is the currency to help in digestion. When you sit in this pose to eat, problems associated with stomach are less. Apart from this, when you sit on the ground and eat, you naturally bend a bit further to eat and come back to its earlier state to swallow food. In this way, your stomach muscles are active by bending continuously forward and backward. Plus, it also increases acid in your stomach. This way it becomes very easy for you to digest food.

2. Lives in weight control

When you sit in Sukshana, your mind becomes calm. He is better able to concentrate on food. Instead of dining table, eating satsang in Sukhaasan is slow to eat. It realizes the stomach and the brain at the right time. Thus, if you sit in Sukhsan and avoid eating more than you eat.

3. Makes the body flexible

When you sit in Padmasan, your lower back, stomach muscles around your stomach and stomach. Due to which the digestive system is able to do its job comfortably. Apart from this, this condition does not put pressure on your stomach in any way, which helps you digest in food better.

4. Your attention is in the food

When you sit on the ground with family and eat food, then your attention remains in the food. It not only concentrates on eating your meditation, but also helps in choosing the better option while eating food, because your mind is very calm and ready to accept nutrition. The practice of eating on the ground is best to eat the right amount of food and to eat the right type of food.

5. Ties to the family

Normally eating food on the ground is a family activity. At the right time, if the whole family eats together, mutual harmony increases. It is very good to be associated with your family, because sitting on the ground makes your mind calm and enjoyable, so it is necessary to connect with your family. Becomes a great cause.

6. Do not allow aging before time

This traditional way of eating does not allow you old age, because eating food sitting in this posture does not lead to problems related to the spinal cord and back. Also, those who are troubled by any type of pain due to moving the shoulders behind in the wrong posture. The problem also goes away from eating food while sitting in this seat.

7. This method can increase the age

One study found that those who sit in Padmasana or Sukshan on the ground and are able to stand without any support. They are more likely to survive for long, because more flexibility and physical strength are required to get up from this mudrā. This study has also shown that those who were not able to rise without any support, the possibility of dying in the next 6 years was 6.5 times higher.

8. Makes joints flexible

Padmasana and Suksanan are such a currency that benefits your whole body. They not only help in improving your digestive system, but also help to keep your joints soft and flexible. Arthritis and osteoporosis also prevent diseases like diseases. Due to constant tilt of knee, ankle and waist joints, it helps them to be flexible and free from diseases. With flexibility the joints are smooth in the joints, which makes it easy to sit on the ground.

9. Keeps the brain total

Those who eat in Sukshana eat food. Their brain is more likely to be stressless, because it relaxes the brain and relaxes the nerves. Ayurveda has been believed that digestion is better by keeping the mind calm, and in some cases it helps people to eat food with the taste.

10. Strengthens the Heart

Blood circulation improves when you sit and eat on the ground. In this way the heart transmits blood to all the organs that help to digest very easily, but when you sit on the chair and eat, then the blood circulation is opposite. It involves circulation feet, which is not necessary at the time of eating food, while eating on the ground, you have a strong muscle

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